You can say this is a reincarnation of (by Brian Gilham), because it is. TTCing aims to increase awareness of the current state of TTC services, be it positive or negative, by bringing the "conversation" directly to you: conversations about delays on the subway, shuttle buses, or an awesome on-time streetcar. An informed rider is a happy rider. TTCing is and will always be a free service.

TTCing is based on TTCupdates with several new features and tweaks (the biggest one is that TTCing is not limited to just the "#ttcu" hashtag, it will pick up any tweet that has "ttc" or "#ttcu"; behind-the-scenes, TTCing includes tweet scoring algorithm, mood-detection, route/station/bus number/stop-detection, and duplication checks), and is managed and maintained by Andrew (@andryou).


  • Includes tweets from the community
  • Has a magical scoring algorithm that will share more meaningful tweets
  • [Twitter] Credit given to original author by adding their name to the end of the tweet
  • [Site] Number of new tweets (if any) shown in the window title (e.g. "(4) TTCing")
  • [Site] Ability to filter through latest tweets based on various criteria
  • Lots of amazing behind-the-scenes magic.

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